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Streaming Studios.

Our streaming and TV studios – your digital event.

BMW Group Event Forum now offers six different studios complete with entirely new infrastructure for your premium digital event. Our bespoke steaming packages are tailored to your needs, bringing unique experiences directly to your guests – effectively and safely. Whether you are looking for an informative or emotional style, our unparalleled streaming and TV studios offer the perfect setting for any event.
Our event experts work alongside you to create virtual experiences your participants can get excited about, wherever they are in the world. Focus on the message you want to send, and we will take care of the rest. From planning and implementation to streaming – our experienced event managers and team of video, sound, production, and lighting specialists are with you every step of the way. They don’t just guarantee you a seamless process but can also create the right emotional appeal for your event. Our all-round worry-free service is as unique as your event.

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Whether it’s a conference, product presentation, webinar, online training, broadcast or concert – add a new perspective to your digital event. Our six fully-equipped studios differ in terms of size, setting and the number of possible speakers. Our streaming options allow you to reach your target groups everywhere: Whether on social media platforms, your own website, an individual landing page or a professional app – our extensive offering and state-of-the-art technology frees your creativity. The sky is the limit! Practically limitless numbers of participants mean practically limitless possibilities. Live voting, polls and chat features offer your guests numerous ways of getting actively involved, even at home.


The premium locations of BMW Welt, BMW Museum and BMW Group Classic are the ideal stage for your virtual event. Choose from sixfully-equipped studios: the Auditorium, Double Cone, Business Center, Vision Space, BMW Platz and the Aircraft Engine Hall. From informative national meetings to international product presentations – we have the right option for every occasion.

BMW Welt Auditorium / Foyer.
BMW Welt Double Cone.
BMW Welt Buisness Center.
BMW Vision Space.
BMW Square.
BMW Aircraft Engine Hall.



Double Cone.

Double Cone.

Business Center.

Business Center.

Vision Space.

Vision Space

BMW Square.

BMW Square

Aircraft Engine Hall.

Aircraft Engine Hall


Event management you can rely on. Host your virtual event in the unique setting of BMW Welt, BMW Museum or BMW Group Classic and enjoy it just as much as your participants at home. Our experts, ready to answer any digital or technical questions, our state-of-the-art facilities, and our experts planning prowess all mean you are in the safest of hands.
We take care of all the details, both in the real and virtual worlds. This includes our streaming options to Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, as well as, for an additional charge, Instagram. Other bookable extras, for an additional charge, we’ll happily take care of for you include creating a tailor-made landing page or providing a restricted-access virtual room for confidential content. Stimulate interaction with a customized app solution – turn viewers into participants who can join in the conversation, ask questions and give feedback.


Here is an example landing page for your livestream.

Overview Streaming- and TV-Studios.

Overview Streaming and TV Studios.

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In cooperation with Gahrens + Batterman, we offer you convenient, customized solutions so that you have the space to focus on developing the content of your virtual event. For over three decades now, Gahrens + Battermann has specialized in media technology solutions, creating virtual, interactive experiences with extensive, personalized software tools.

Plan your digital event.

Offer your guests a digital event that goes above and beyond. Fascinating interiors, technical expertise and first-class support included.