BMW Welt Auditorium



Imagine a room that adapts to the requirements of your event - in a very real way - as if by magic. The auditorium is such a spatial wonder. Because it has a versatile height-adjustable floor. You need a large banquet hall? Then the floor remains even. Are you planning a film screening or a congress? Then the floor can be raised according to different levels, creating an auditorium with rising platforms. Book this mesmerising location and use the ultra-flexible room topography for practically unlimited scope - entirely according to your needs. In addition, the room is completely soundproofed both inside and out.

There is also a spacious foyer in front of the auditorium, which you can also use if you wish - for example for atmospheric receptions or fine catering. Would you like to combine the auditorium and foyer? That's no problem at all. We can move the 16-ton steel wall for you and increase the number of standing places from 800 to 1600.

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Auditorium/Foyer. A TRUE MARVEL OF SPACE.


  • 945 sqm Area
  • 712 Seatings in Rows
  • 362 Parliament-style seating
  • 380 Gala Seating
  • 800 Standing places


  • 450 sqm Area
  • 600 Standing places


    Highlights Auditorium-Foyers
    • All-inclusive services
    • Extensive usability
    • Equipped with full stage technology
    • Flexible room set-up with movable podiums
    • 22 hall platforms and 4 elevating platforms
    • Delivery by truck possible
    • Goods Escalator
    • Air-conditioned
    • Screen
    • Daylight in the Foyer
    Inhorgenta Award Auditorium 2020 NO RIGHTS
    WELT AUDI 080313 Technology
    Future Forum unrestricted rights
    BMW Welt Auditorium BMW AG
    Hey BMW Welt November 2019 unrestricted rights
    Auditorium Foyer Catering set up
    Future Forum unrestricted rights
    Auditorium Gala
    auditorium foyer blue print
    Auditorium Gala Dinner


    Auditorium Raumtechnik


    The walls of the auditorium are coated with anthracite-coloured graphite. This coating allows you to project any colour you can imagine onto the walls and bathe the room in atmospheric light. Create the right atmosphere for your event with this refined technology.

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    Auditorium Bühnentechnik


    Captivate your audience with the perfect set-up from the very first moment - even before the event begins. Produce a wide range of stage variations and topographies. Thanks to 22 hall podiums and four stage podiums, the floor made of smoked Siberian oak can be individually and flexibly adapted. The wood was soaked in oil for seven years before processing and is therefore particularly durable and robust.

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    Auditorium Audiotechnik


    The sound systems of the auditorium can be variably aligned and adjusted according to your needs. L-Acoustic line arrays and monitors are available on site. In addition, mixing consoles and monitor systems are available for high-quality mixing.


    Round off your event with perfectly harmonised tones and outstanding sound quality - with no interference. The auditorium has first-class sound insulation inside and outside. In addition, the entire construction rests on rubber buffers to absorb even strong vibrations from outside.

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    Auditorium Videotechnik


    Impress your audience live or in a stream with our LED wall, which can be individually projected over a height of 6 metres and a width of up to 30 metres. The projection and back projection options in HDTV as well as the feed system also offer you the greatest possible creative scope. For professional applications, a camera train, a preview system, a viewing system and an editing suite are available. The signal can be transmitted locally in 4k.

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    Auditorium Lichttechnik


    Do you need individual lighting? Then the lighting control and dimmer system will provide you all the technical possibilities - whether congress lighting, discreet banquet lighting or high-impact show lighting.

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    Auditorium Mobiliar


    Engage your guests with an atmosphere that entices them to stay. Our specialists will install a well-crafted set-up for you to work effectively. Be it functionality, comfort or flexibility - every detail is right here. Access a pool of multi-purpose furniture and set up the location according to your wishes.

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    Fine breads with beef tartare and salmon at the catering in the BMW Welt Double Cone

    For a successful event use catering to create the perfect atmosphere! Seductive aromas and irresistible taste are the best ambassadors. Our exclusive partner Feinkost Käfer at BMW Welt offers you and your guests culinary delights and original creations with meticulous attention to detail.

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