BMW Welt bridge past the double cone


For the distinctive look and feel.

Planning a shoot and looking for a high-quality setting with futuristic contours as well as striking views? Then the film and photo locations of BMW Welt are made for you. The trailblazing architecture from the glass façade to the interiors will surely inspire you to create captivating shots and previously unknown motifs. In addition, you will benefit from the highest level of comfort and service throughout the planning and execution of your shoot. You and your team will have access to state-of-the-art technology, an excellent infrastructure, a wide range of catering services and security personnel. The only thing left to do is to say - Roll  and action!

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FILM AND PHOTO LOCATIONS AT BMW WELT.For the distinctive look and feel.


    BMW Welt Bridge with view of the Double Cone

    Bridge with a perspective of the Double Cone.

    Distinctive and spectacular: the 28-metre-high double cone offers you a striking backdrop as a location for your photo or film shoots. It can enthral you with its kaleidoscopic reflections and dynamic alignments. 

    Bridge in the interior of the BMW Welt with a view of the automobile collection

    Bridge with a perspective of the premiere.

    Elaborate and expansive. The location where customers accept their new car almost seems to flow freely and allows camera shots into the interior of the entire BMW Welt. The open window bays in the background enable you to use a wide range of creative options.

    Auditorium foyer with separated area with seating and tables in BMW Welt

    Auditorium Foyer.

    Versatile and out of the ordinary. The innovative design of the foyer allows you to shoot in a wide array of lighting moods. Thanks to the large window front, you can also use natural outdoor light for your productions.


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    Progressive Luxury exhibition space with design furniture in BMW Welt

    Progressive Luxury meets creative Excellence.

    New kinds of fabric and unusual impressions. Benefit from the look of innovating materials and fabrics during your shoot in this location. The current exhibition space was designed in collaboration with Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design and star designer Patricia Urquiola. 

    BMW i Lounge with design furniture in the BMW Welt

    BMW i Lounge.

    Futuristic and creative. Use the imaginative designed location for captivating productions that invite you to stand in awe and discover. In the BMW i Lounge, get your audience to experience the world of tomorrow -today.

    BMW Individual Lounge mit Design-Möbeln in der BMW Welt

    BMW Individual Lounge.

    Exclusive and multifaceted. Skilfully integrate the high-quality ambience and the large glass plates into your shootings. From interviews to portraits - this venue allows you to use different lighting moods as well as exciting contrasts of indoor and outdoor space.


    • 01 Unique architecture and scenery.
    • 02 Professional and personal support on site.
    • 03 Expert technical support.
    • 04 Wide multitude of exceptional shooting locations.
    • 05 Artist dressing rooms, safe deposit boxes and mobile screens.
    • 06 Security staff already on site.
    • 07 Catering and parking facilities.
    • 08 Separate rooms for the team are available.
    • 09 Barrier options guarantee exclusivity and undisturbed flow.
    • 10 Uninterrupted flow.



    Personal care

    Benefit from personal care for all questions regarding your project - from the first enquiry to its realisation. Enjoy direct contact with our staff, who will be happy to help you prepare your BMW Welt shooting or filming. Your contact person for the film and photo locations can always be reached directly by personal extension and e-mail. See you soon - in the unique architecture of BMW Welt!