An exciting experience with a focus on learning through play - this is what the Campus and the BMW Junior Museum offer school classes and groups of pre-school children. The workshops at BMW Welt and the BMW Museum focus on the topics of mobility and the future. But most importantly, it's about having fun, experiencing and doing it yourself. Our multifaceted program is a group offer - educationally valuable, instructive and guaranteed to be the number one topic of conversation after the excursion. One more hint for better planning - the workshops we run are designed for specific developmental levels and require certain skills. Because of this, the workshops are limited to specific age groups.

Some impressions from the workshops.

Our workshops.


Design workshop.


In the design workshop, the students become emerging designers and develop their own design like the professionals. In the process, they use special tools, stencils and airbrush equipment - ultimately even giving their vehicle its own name.


Detective workshop.


In the detective workshops, children can track down vehicles on a joint, interactive tour of the BMW Museum and investigate them closely with a magnifying glass and detective kit. Here it's a matter of observing closely and cleverly putting things together.


Movie workshop.

In the movie workshop, children use tablets and various creative materials to create a stop-motion short film as a team. Whether the way to school becomes a western, a journey a space fairy tale or a shopping trip an adventure film - the imagination has no limits here.


Creativity workshops.


The workshops stir the imagination of young and old with regard to the topic of mobility. In the Campus Workshop and the Future Lab, creative work with sustainable materials and versatile tools is on the agenda for children from 5 and young people up to 18 years of age.


Sustainability workshop.


In the RE:BMW CIRCULAR LAB, children of different age groups can explore the topic of sustainability for themselves from very different vantage points - making recycled products on innovative machines, getting PET bottles to talk, and completing challenges that have to do with sustainability.


Programming workshop.


In the programming workshops, children from the age of 5 are immersed into the world of coding. In a fun, age-appropriate way and without any prior knowledge, they get to program or use programmable building blocks to construct their own robots.


Who can build the most sustainable, innovative form of mobility?


In this challenge for apprentices and school classes, the focus is on developing groundbreaking sustainable means of future transportation. To do this, the young people work as a team with assigned tasks. The winner is the team that is the most creative and communicates best. A perfect opportunity for everyone to show team spirit and inventiveness.

That class trip was very different to others. In the design workshop, we not only learned cool facts about car design, but were also able to come up with and create our own design. We were all really into it and it was great fun to present the results to each other.

Janine M., student 8th grade

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