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Our locations — custom-tailored to your needs.

From creative brainstorming sessions in smaller groups to large events with up to 1,000 attendees – we provide the right possibilities for any occasion with our three unique locations for your special events: BMW Welt, the BMW Museum and BMW Group Classic.

Looking for event locations in Munich? All three locations captivate with their distinctive architecture and a variety of interior design concepts that can be optimally tailored to your needs. From group size to technical requirements and all the way to the weather – we’re expertly prepared for your event. For so are you, after all.

Events are nothing but calendar entries. Experiences, on the other hand, turn into memories.

Automotive passion, award-winning architecture and flexible premises create a fascinating world in their own right. And this world can become yours, too, with our event venues in Munich.
We will gladly collaborate with you from your very first idea. This ensures that your event not only is a success but becomes a lasting memory. For this, each of our locations offers a variety of possibilities that we like to call our home advantage. For who other than ourselves would know best how to take advantage of them?

A lunch break with a brief and entertaining guided tour of historic automotive worlds? Technical presentations and entertaining talks that inform and inspire? We make it possible with. Or show your guests just how many innovative media concepts can be incorporated into the similarly innovative architecture – from 360-degree media projections all the way to ingenious LED solutions.

And as beautiful as our premises may be, perhaps you had something more in mind than our roofed outdoor terrace? No worries. Excursions with classic vehicles are, of course, also part of our offer.

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A fantastic, flexible location which was managed by a competent, professional team. This makes organising much easier since your mind can focus on other things. It was a lot of fun to be here –we received a lot of positive feedback about the venue.


We provide open spaces for your mind-awakening events. Find your locations.

BMW Welt.

The heartbeat of our brands. At the centre of everything and in tune with the spirit of the city, BMW Welt captivates visitors from all over the world and has long been one of Munich’s landmarks. For it is precisely here where award-winning architecture meets grand visions and automotive passion.

Of course, we will be happy to listen to what makes you happy; BMW Welt offers ample space for your own ideas and wishes. See it for yourself.

Double Cone.

Clearly visible from outside, the Double Cone is BMW Welt’s own trademark. But the inner values of this architectural masterpiece are just as impressive and keep the promises made at first glance.

Auditorium / Foyer.

The BMW Welt Auditorium is a miracle of interior design that can make many a wish come true. Thanks to its flexible topography, it offers nearly limitless possibilities and plenty of space for your ideas.

Premium Lounge.

Take off while staying down to earth at the same time. From the Premium Lounge, you get to enjoy an impressive view of BMW Welt, as well as of Munich and its famous landmarks.

Business Center.

From product presentations to employee seminars: Together with the generous indoor and outdoor terrace, the two large and separable conference rooms provide a state-of-the-art ambience and top-notch functionality.

Indoor and outdoor terrace.

Amazing views and fresh air that leads to fresh ideas: On the roof of BMW Welt, you will find our terraces on the third floor. The indoor area is air-conditioned for your comfort, whilst the outdoor area is fully roofed.

Business Club.

Special occasions require special spaces. The BMW Welt Business Club is the ideal location for high-level meetings. Its concentrated, elegant atmosphere communicates professionalism the moment you step inside.

Brand Spaces.

With our customisable brand spaces, you have the chance to not only experience the brands of the BMW Group, but also to actively use them for yourself and your event – right on location in the centre of Munich.

Your digital event at BMW Welt.

Streaming and TV Studios.

BMW Welt’s premium locations are the ideal stage for your virtual event. Choose from three fully-equipped studios: the Auditorium, Double Cone and Business Center. From informative national meetings to international product presentations – we have the right option for every occasion.


Overview BMW Welt.

Complete overview BMW Welt.

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BMW Museum.

More than 100 years of company history: The BMW Museum first opened its doors to visitors in 1973 and counts among Germany’s most-visited business museums. A fascinating place, available to you in the form of three different event spaces. Thanks to its impressive architecture and new developments in event media technology situated amid classic vehicles, your event is guaranteed to become a sensation.

BMW Square.

As the heart of the BMW Museum, this towering location gains its striking appearance from its impressive 13-metre height. Thanks to LED technology, you will be able to impressively take advantage of this height, too.


The Foyer is where all visitors’ paths and key service areas of the BMW Museum converge. From here, you already get to enjoy a brilliant view of the 13-metre-high BMW Square, as well as the museum’s impressive architecture.


Die Museumsschüssel ist der Ort der Wechselausstellungen des BMW Museums. Ihre beiden oberen Ausstellungsflächen erlauben eine 360-Grad-Bespielung und besonders eindrucksvolle Inszenierungen Ihrer Veranstaltung.

Complete overview BMW Museum.

Complete overview BMW Museum.

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BMW Group Classic.

A place filled with history – ready to be filled with your stories: The 13,000-square-metre premises of the BMW Group Classic near the BMW Center harbour two possible event locations: The meeting rooms and the Aircraft Engine Hall. What was once one of BMW’s first production halls is a rather special, as well as architecturally protected, event location today. Still, the hall can be individually customised and even embellished with historic vehicles.

Aircraft Engine Hall.

The exclusive Aircraft Engine Hall offers plenty of space for your ideas and can be optimally customised to meet the needs of your event. An additional highlight is the view of the BMW Group’s most significant vehicles in the neighbouring hall.

Meeting rooms.

Big stories have small beginnings. The ideal conditions for this are provided by the landmarked gate building with its three different meeting rooms. Furthermore, there is an additional creative room available, too.

Experience the BMW Group Classic.

Visit us here at the BMW Group Classic – the former Aircraft Engine Hall and the adjacent gate building offer you a unique setting for your events or workshops.

Complete overview BMW Classic.

Complete overview
BMW Group Classic.

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For us, making everything look as a matter-of-course is a matter-of-course.


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