Painting by numbers and coloring pictures for kids.

The benefits of painting

In the painting templates, the empty areas are painted with color according to the numbers. Sounds relaxing? It is! We’ll tell you what kinds of great side effects you and your children will experience after you've finished coloring a BMW car drawing.


1. Decreasing stress
Many people process their conflicts and worries by being creative, including children. When you and your kids are finished with the car drawings, the anxiety centre of your brain will be completely relaxed and you will be in a meditative and relaxed state of mind.

2. The release of endorphins
For children, drawing a car is a small challenge. Car coloring pictures, on the other hand, are created without much creative effort. The rule here is: don’t look for the next Picasso. The joy of coloring is the main point.

3. Strengthening motor skills
Both hemispheres of the brain are used when you’re coloring. While logic helps parents and children to stay within the lines of the painting outlines, the choice of colors generates a creative thought process.

4. It helps you sleep
Using pens and paint can improve your sleep? If we’d known that earlier, we would have given our children a whole garage full of BMW models to color in, many parents might now be thinking. Coloring for kids instead of TV. Picture painting is a relaxing and electronics-free ritual before going to bed, which does not negatively influence the melatonin level responsible for sleep disorders. By the way, it is also an ideal sleep ritual for adults.




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