A BMW with eyes, a nose and a mouth? Kids discover that cars have ‘faces’ on this creative tour through BMW Welt.

Dressed in blue mechanics’ jackets, they take on the role of creative experts, using a magnifying glass and torch to examine the appearance of the cars and the various materials they are made of. Touching and trying out have top priority here: the children are allowed to get inside the cars and even sit on the motorbikes. They will also learn some key points about road safety. A special checklist is provided for them to note down all outcomes and observations.

Group workshops:
Age:                5–6 years
Participants:    min. 8 people / max. 15 people
Duration:         2.5 hours
Location:         Junior Campus, BMW Welt
Date:               Monday to Wednesday: 9.15am
Price:               EUR 5.00 p.p.

Mobilitätstour Mini