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BMW Welt Junior Programme Photo Workshop



The workshop focuses on creative topics such as design and photography. What does design mean? How does an automobile designer work?

Imagination and curiosity are awakened in an interactive tour. Young people get insight into BMW’s corporate history and the design process. At the same time, the museum exhibits enable a multi-layered and interdisciplinary discussion. Topics such as modern architecture and art are addressed, as well as sustainability and future issues.

In the second part of the workshop, participants are allowed to capture their impressions photographically. The focus is now on the children’s point of view: groups will be provided with cameras. All participants are allowed to move freely around the museum and take photographs on the specific artistic theme they have been given. This way, young people develop an eye for technical refinement, architectural details, light and reflections, or seeing things from a worm’s or a bird’s eye view. At the end of the workshop, the results are presented to the other groups and are discussed together.

Your Booking Options:

Schools and day care centres.

Age: 13 to 18 years
Min. number of people: 8
Max. number of people: 32
Duration: 2.75 hours

Catering: No
Accompanying Person: Max. 3
Language:  German/English

Where: BMW Museum
Cost: €80.00 per person (1-10 participants)

The Workshops will be held according the latest hygiene measures. 

Holiday Ticket.

On request.

TUESDAY TO FRIDAY         10.15 am     


HOLIDAYS                               10.15 am*

* Holiday ticket only bookable for Thursdays.

BMW Welt Junior Programme Photo Workshop


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