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Jazz Award 2019

BMW Welt Jazz Award 2019.


Maria Faust Machina.

The Estonian saxophonist and bandleader Maria Faust is one of the musical discoveries of recent years. The 39-year-old studied jazz saxophone and then progressed into composition theory for two years. Her music is as multi-faceted as her career. 

Whether with projects such as big band Jazz Catastrophe, Pistol Nr. 9 or Shitney, her willingness to break genre boundaries and create new soundscapes has repeatedly led to fascinating results in the past. Jazz, classical music, alternative rock; the music of Maria Faust comes from a variety of influences and opposes any kind of stereotyped thinking. 

This continues in “Machina”. Even the combination of alto and tenor saxophone, cello, piano and two bassists is extraordinary. The same applies to the compositions. At its centre are the elements of water and the sea, which symbolise for Faust the “unpredictable forces of suppressed emotions such as anger and sadness”. If you close your eyes, you will hear waves, passing motor boats and storms. A chamber music work that incorporates natural sounds as well as jazzy improvisations and song melodies. Original and powerful.

Maria Faust: Alto Saxophone
Ned Ferm: Tenor Saxophone
Ida Nørholm: Cello
Jacob Anderskov: Piano
Nils Bo Davidsen: Double Bass
Adam Pultz Melbye: Double Bass

Where: BMW Welt Double Cone
10/03/2019 from 11.00 am – 1.30 pm (Doors open at 10.30 am)
Costs:  Admission is free of charge. Please note that the capacity is limited.

Maria Faust Machina
Maria Faust Machina