What language does a robot speak? Even the smallest of children can learn the ROBO ABC in robot preschool. In an exciting tour delving behind the scenes of the BMW World, the children get to view real robots carrying out their daily work, and get the opportunity to decipher secret codes of the grown-up world. In a playful visit to the Junior Campus Laboratory, they will get to program the robots, as well as become robots themselves. In the digital workshops, the children are then divided into teams to program their own small "Ozobot", a robot which is controlled by colour sensors. The children instruct the robot how to get to the zoo, to school or to the playground. The aspiring junior programmers are accompanied by scouts who love to talk and answer any questions.

Group workshops:
Age:                   5–6 years
Participants:      min. 8 people / max. 30 people
Duration:           2.5 hours
Location:           Junior Campus, BMW Welt 
Price:                EUR 5.00 p.p.

Mission OZOBOTS.