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Programmierworkshop. 7-13 Jahre.

You want to learn how to program with your grandma and grandpa or with your parents?
Off to the open workshop!

Teamwork is required for this programming workshop. Because not only do the little ones have a lot to discover here, but parents and grandparents are also challenged. Together, you will learn a lot about the world of coding in a fun way. What you have learned is then immediately applied: You program a small robot using color sensors and your own creative ideas.

Workshop 6 - 99 Jahre


Every Thursday afternoon, the workshop on campus opens its doors at 3:30pm — even for last-minute visitors, without advance booking. Parents and grandparents can then playfully dive into the world of coding with their grandchildren and acquire a small “coding driver's license.” Programming is taught across generations in a very special way and without major hurdles: The participants dance and paint codes before they gain their first programming skills with real small robots: the Ozobots.

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Age: 6-99 years
min. participants: 3
max participants: 15
duration: 2 hours

Prerequisite for participation: Reading skills useful
Languages: English / German

Where: BMW Welt - The Campus
When: Every Thursday afternoon at 3.30 pm or on individual request.
Cost: 10,00 Euros per person

Progarammierworkshop 6-99 Jahre

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