GAme-Changers in Sustainability. - Recap 19 November 2020.

BMW-Welt Future Forum: Game-Changers in Sustainability
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When we think of design, we first and foremost associate it with an aesthetic experience: the skilful use of colours, shapes and materials and their interaction. But design determines more than a sensory experience for the individual. The design process lays down requirements and holds potential for production, consumption and recycling cycles. The design of a product largely determines its ecological footprint. Designers who are aware of this responsibility can positively influence the CO₂ footprint and recyclability of the product by optimizing the product design and choice of materials. 

So design has a multi-sensory effect, which is why designers play a key role in shaping the future: they are game-changers in sustainability. They not only determine how we experience our environment in the future, they also bear a great responsibility beyond that. We will  take a look behind the appealing "facade".

If you want to get to know more about Game-Changers in Sustainability, watch the recording of the whole event here.


BMW Welt Florian Schwarz

Florian Schwarz has been working as a presenter and speaker in the media and event industry for over 20 years. He moderates conferences, events, talks or festivals in the fields of culture, automotive, architecture and design. In addition, Florian Schwarz presents the news on all radio stations of Bayerischer Rundfunk. He is a graduate of the University for Television and Film (HFF) Munich.

BMW Welt Daniela Bohlinger

Daniela Bohlinger, Head of Sustainability Design at BMW Group, played a significant role in the sustainable design of the BMW i3, and she established the topic of sustainability at BMW Group Design. She has a belief that designers have a responsibility with every line that they draw, and that now must be the time for a paradigm shift in design, from evolution to revolution.

BMW Welt Joe Iles

As Circular Design Programme Lead, Joe’s role is to empower designers to create products, services, and systems for the circular economy. Since 2011, Joe has helped shape the circular economy narrative, crafting stories and messages to reach new audiences and improve understanding. Joe has been influential in a number of projects, including the circular economy news channel Circulate, events such as the flagship Summit in London, and the Disruptive Innovation Festival.

BMW Welt Anne Nebendahl

Anne Nebendahl is a creative leader and brand expert with over 15 years of experience in the sports, automotive and furniture industry. She blieves that as a creative, she has the responsibility to reduce the ecological footprint wherever she can and is therefore using her skills to create sustainable solutions and inspire others to join in.