Dream Road B3.

A journey along Germany’s Route 66.

The extraordinary can often be found on your doorstep. For Wolfgang Groeger-Meier, every journey on Bundesstraße 3 creates a feeling of freedom and a sense of winding down. Born in France and raised in Hanover, the photographer has known the B3, one of Germany’s busiest main roads, since childhood. Starting at Buxtehude near Hamburg, the road passes through Lüneburg Heath and Frankfurt/Main and continues to the German-Swiss border. Groeger-Meier has now made this road the subject of a journey of discovery in his new illustrated book.

The “Dream Road 3” photo exhibition at the BMW Museum is dedicated to his pictures. Above all, they show the extraordinary in the ordinary: picturesque landscapes, striking buildings and spontaneous encounters with locals. They divert the gaze from spectacular tourist destinations to the exciting places and people waiting to be found right outside your door.

One photograph depicts the mint green BMW 2002; the vehicle in which old-timer fan Groeger-Meier explored the dream road. As well as featuring in many photos, the car can also be seen on display at the BMW Museum – but this display isn’t permanent. After all, the owner does need it from time to time to make new discoveries.