The House of Motor Sport reflects the major, unforgettable successes of BMW: the victories gained by the BMW 328, the commitment to Formula 1, the racing heritage of BMW motorcycles and BMW touring cars.

The BMW 328 enables BMW to take up an unassailable position of leadership in international motor racing during the second half of the 1930s. The BMW 328 remains an important image icon of the brand to this day as well as being the epitome of technical, design and sporting genius.

In 1980, BMW announced its first commitment to Formula 1 as an engine supplier. In 1983, Nelson Piquet already became World Champion driving a Brabham BMW BT 52 during the second season. After an "interlude" with Williams, BMW decided to build up its own Formula 1 Team with Sauber in 2006.

One exhibition area is devoted to motorcycle racing alone. As the motorcycle manufacturer with the longest heritage in Germany, BMW has also been actively involved in racing since 1923 and is privileged to look back on a unique success story.

BMW has been achieving a continual string of successes in international touring car sport for the past 40 years. BMW racing cars blazed an unparalleled trail of success during the 1970s and 1980s.

House of Motor Sport