The House of Design sets the scene for the BMW brand, the museum and BMW design in the first room entitled "Inspiration". The design process at BMW AG is presented in the "Studio" and a selection of prominent design icons is featured in the "Treasury".

Visitors develop an enthusiasm for the brand, the museum and BMW design in the first exhibition room of the museum. The exhibition looks at the phenomenon of inspiration and focuses on the core issue of what distinguishes the BMW brand and BMW design.

The exhibition "Studio" highlights what it means to design and build premier vehicles and also illustrates the highly complex processes underlying the "birth" of a new BMW vehicle (automobile and motorcycle).

The lower area of the house forms the "Treasury" and is deliberately given a darkened atmosphere. This is where visitors see particularly valuable and important vehicles. Designers describe which vehicles influence BMW design today.


Please note, that the exhibition areas Treasury and Aspects of the BMW Museum will not be accessible until early 2023 due to renovation work.

House of Design