The House of the Series features the development of individual series and then goes on to document the development of BMW in the executive class and the success of the BMW M models.

An impressive tower displaying four exhibits presents the structure of BMW products in the form of model series. During the 1970s, BMW introduced the type designation that continues to be used today. BMW 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series and 7 Series and the derived lines such as Z or X models have since formed the basis for a transparent class structure.

One of the biggest exhibition rooms is dedicated to the BMW 7 Series. BMW was able to anchor the concepts of dynamic driving and sportiness in the executive class segment of saloons with the BMW 7 Series and its predecessors. This combined style, luxury and dynamic performance contributes to a holistic driving experience.

The lower exhibition area in this house is reserved for one of the most powerful letters in the world: Since the 1970s, BMW has marketed extraordinary sports cars for road use with the M models. BMW was the first manufacturer in the world to have a dedicated product line for its sporty automobiles. The BMW M engines present the pinnacle in the area of roadworthy high-performance engines.

House of the Series