Tempi Italiani.

Unique, historic vehicles shine once more in all their former glory.

Flashback: Salone internazionale dell’auto di Ginevra 1970! Curtain up for what was to be their final encounter. At the Geneva motor show that year, two excellent design studies were united for the last time: the BMW 2800 GTS Coupé and the BMW 2002 Ti Garmisch. 

Those special times of legendary Italian car designers are now coming to life again in the BMW Museum’s special exhibition, “Tempi Italiani”! After more than 50 years, the BMW Frua and BMW Garmisch can be seen together once again in Munich. The two are sharing a common stage for the first time; the BMW Garmisch with its timelessly beautiful, champagne-coloured Bertone body and the 2800 GTS Coupé in its lovingly restored, near perfect original green. The interiors also express the Italian attitude to life: light colours, dark wood and extravagant materials meet elegant, sometimes even unusual design as seen in the radios, mirrors and dashboards. The sporty interiors still seem – or perhaps, in the vintage age, are finally once again – surprisingly fresh, clear and modern.


Italian design legend Pietro Frua (1913 – 1983) was responsible for the design of the 2800 GTS Coupé. Frua was one of the most important driving forces behind automotive design in the 1960s, especially for the Italian and German markets. After an eventful odyssey all the way to the USA and a loving restoration at BMW, the Garmisch shines in its former glory. The story of the BMW 2002 Ti Garmisch’s “resurrection” is rather exciting.

The new “Tempi Italiani” special exhibition at the BMW Museum is perfectly suited for Munich. After all, the Bavarian capital is considered to be Italy’s northernmost city thanks to its architecture and lifestyle.