BMW Museum App.

Information, planning, interactive experiences - for all things surrounding your visit of the BMW Museum, the BMW Museum App is the perfect travel partner. Smartphone and tablet users have access to current news and events even prior to the visit. It is also possible to inform oneself about highlights of the product- and company history of the BMW Group, create an individual tour and experience it on location. You will be accompanied interactively on your individual tour through the exhibition halls and receive additional information about the exhibition areas and special exhibits.

The most special thing: the explanations are presented as a listening text, similar to an audio guide and can alternatively also be presented as a written text on your display, scattered through images and short video clips. This is how you can experience selected aspects, topics and periods of brand history in all details. During your tour, an interactive map ensures optimal orientation. It is designed as convenient as possible!

Whether you are interested in motor sports, want to know more about design, or want to be informed about decades or production series of the vehicle history - the BMW Museum App allows you to experience single facets of the history. A truly individual experience!

The app is available for iOS und Android devices and can be downloaded at no charge in the App Store and on Google Play.

Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese

BMW Museum App