BMW Welt Adult Workshops

The Challenge is: Develop and design THE innovative means of transport of the future! In teamwork, an innovative idea for this new future vehicle is first developed. From the point of view of a sustainable design, the idea then takes concrete forms in a model vehicle. Each participant finds his or her task in the team. Who is used as a designer, who is employed as an engineer? In the next step, graphic designers and advertising copywriters are in demand: the newly developed means of transport is finally to be placed on the market. An advertising slogan, a name and a logo are developed for this purpose in each team. In order to support and deepen the knowledge, the teams will have at their disposal interactive stations on the topics of drive, safety, bionics and materials during the challenge. In addition, there is a wide range of sustainable and innovative creative materials as well as a wide range of tools for the practical implementation of the task.

Only those who communicate clearly in the team and show real teamwork pass the two hour challenge. The winning team has won, which develops the most innovative and particularly sustainable future vehicle including a marketing concept and puts a designed prototype in model size on the marketplace.

Booking Information.

Possible times: On request

Age: 14 to 18 years

Min. number of people: 6

Max. number of people: 20

Duration: 2 hours

Language: German / English

Where: The Campus BMW Welt

Cost: From €250

Catering: Can be booked on request

Notes: The Workshop will be held according the latest hygiene measures.