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BMW Welt Junior Programm Design Workshop
Design Workshop.


BMW Welt Junior Programm Design Workshop

First of all, we go on a journey of ideas through the BMW Museum. Which design do you like the best? What is still cool today? What has been on trend over the last 100 years? And what might vehicles look like in the future?

To create these vehicles of the future, the up-and-coming designers are then allowed to develop their own design just like the professionals by using special tools, templates, airbrush equipment and more. For the finale, they will upcome with a suitable name for their design and present it to the group.


Holiday Ticket.

Age: 9 to 14 years
Duration: 2.5 hours
Individual bookings are only valid during holidays.
Children play in groups.
(min. 8 participants/ max. 10 participants)

Catering: No
Language: German/English

Where: BMW Museum
Cost: €10.00 per person


Age: 9 to 14 years
Max. number of people: 10
Duration: 2.5 hours



Catering: Yes
Supervisor necessary: Yes
Language: German/English

Where: BMW Museum
Cost: €185.00 per group 

Possible Times.

TUESDAY TO FRIDAY                                         
SATURDAY TO SUNDAY             3.00 pm    
        10.15 am*/**            
* Holiday ticket only bookable for Fridays ** Dates for Birthdays

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