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BMW Welt Junior Programm Detective Workshop

Detective Workshop.


BMW Welt Junior Programm Detective Workshop

Children become detectives. As part of a joint, interactive tour of the BMW Museum, the detectives’ task is to track down the vehicles they are looking for. Then it’s up to each detective team to examine the vehicle they find and collect lots of information: how big is the vehicle? Is it round or rather square? What is its maximum speed? In order to find the necessary information, children are given a detective’s briefcase. The equipment includes a tape measure, gloves and police tape.

After the museum tour, the teams prepare the results in a creative profile and present it to the whole group. Various craft materials and colours are available for the design.

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Age: 7 to 10 years
Max. number of people: 10
Duration: 2.5 hours



Catering: Yes
Supervisor necessary: Yes
Language: German/English

Where: BMW Museum
Cost: €240.00 per group 

Due to the latest safety and hygiene measures the workshop can't take place.  

Possible Times.

TUESDAY TO FRIDAY                                                                            
SATURDAY TO SUNDAY               3.00 pm**    
* Holiday ticket only bookable for Thursdays ** Dates for Birthdays

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