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We are now offering a service for customers, visitors and fans of the brands: a non-binding, individual consultation on all BMW and MINI models, given by a product expert: the Genius. Wether it is about engineering, equipment, engines or electric models - our BMW and MINI Geniuses gladly inform you about anything you would like to know. 

Our vehicle experts take the time it needs to provide individual consultation. The focus is on your comfort. That's why you can choose between a detailed on-site consultation, which allows you to experience all the advantages of the vehicle up close, and a virtual consultation. However, the online version is in no way inferior to a vehicle consultation on site: Listening and watching your personal BMW or MINI Genius, you can explore your favorite automobiles while comfortably staying at home. That way, you don't miss out on any detail and enjoy individual expert advice, no matter where you are.

You are interested in a personal Genius consultation?

Due to the currently very high demand, we ask you to book an appointment in advance for a consultation with a Genius. In this way, we can ensure that they can take enough time to answer your questions.
The consultation is free of charge. 

Book your personal Genius consultation:
Please note, that appointments must be booked until 12.00 pm on the previous day. 

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You want to get to know our vehicles? The Genius at BMW Welt will fascinate you with a great comprehensive technical knowlede of the BMW or MINI models. He or she will assist you and answer all your questions regarding our models in a relaxed and inspiring environment - with absolutely no rush or purchasing pressure. Together with a Genius you can sit inside and experience your favourite models. You can even configure your preferred vehicle according to your preferences thanks to our digital configuration tool. 

For those interested in taking their MINI or BMW experience to a deeper level, the product Genius is just the right person to talk to!

Consultations are of course free of charge.

Have you always wanted to get advice from an expert on our vehicles and their features - in a relaxed atmosphere and without any pressure? Arrange an Online Genius Session now and immerse yourself virtually into the brands of BMW Group while comfortably staying at home.

Your Genuis will personally answer all your questions during an online vehicle consultation and provide you with fascinating insights into selected models and the brand world of the BMW Group - without obligation and guaranteed full of surprises. With the help of digital tools, the Genius visualizes technical highlights and carries out configurations for your desired model. For a more detailed consultation on the BMW i7 we also offer a virtual version, where you can see everything through the Genius' eyes thanks to special broadcasting glasses.

Book your online consultation now and start your virtual voyage of discovery. Please note that appointments may only be booked from Tuesday to Thursday and up to 21 days in advance