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Take off with us now and embark on a flight through the BMW Museum. Our drone video takes you on a virtual tour of a special kind.

Immerse yourself in the history of the BMW brand, admire legendary vehicle models in flight and enjoy exciting views from a bird's eye view. 

Our Exhibitions.

The BMW Museum close to the Plant and the BMW Welt has been opened in 1973 and has since developed into one of the most frequently visited company museums in Germany. Next to the permanent exhibition with approximately 120 original exhibits, travelling exhibitions with varying topics can be found in the Rotunda and in the "Museum Bowl". Whether permanent or travelling exhibition, a visit to the BMW Musuem is always worth your while.

Permanent Exhibitions.

The seven exhibitions houses


The BMW Museum is 5000 sqm big, and shows the most important and most valuable automobiles, motor bikes and engines from more than 100 years BMW Group History. The permanent exhibition is divided into seven Exhibition Houses:

BMW Roadster


No automobile arouses as much emotion as a roadster. This two-seater sports car with a light top expresses a very special lifestyle - it is an automobile with a distinctive character that conveys driving pleasure in its most intense form.

The BMW Roadster has an important place in the history of BMW automobiles. The BMW Museum presents selected exhibits at the central location in the low building.

BMW Art Cars


The BMW Museum is home to the BMW Art Car Collection which leading artists from all over the world have worked on since 1975. The unusual collection of "rolling masterpieces" currently comprises 17 vehicles. At least one of the Art Cars will be constantly on show in the permanent exhibition area of the BMW Museum.

Place of Remembrance.


The “Place of Remembrance” is a new part of the permanent exhibition dedicated to the subject of forced labour within the company.

Special Exhibitions.

BMW Museum - Tempi Italiani


Look forward to the new special exhibition Tempi Italiani with unique models. The BMW 2800 GTS Coupé Frua (1969) bears the unmistakable signature of the renowned Italian designer Pietro Frua – a design icon with which BMW preserves automotive contemporary history after extensive restoration. The BMW 2002 Ti Garmisch (1970/2019) can also be seen – a futuristic concept study presented more than 50 years ago by Marcello Gandini, the head of the Bertone design studio, which was rebuilt in 2019 after disappearing without a trace.

BMW Museum App.

BMW Museum App.

BMW Museum App.

Information, planning and interactive experiences: the BMW Museum App is the perfect travel companion for all things surrounding your visit to the BMW Museum.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded free in the App Store, on Google Play or Tencent MyApp Store.

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