On November 22, the BMW Museum offers visitors another hands-on experience. Art lovers and car enthusiasts are invited to explore the exhibits up-close wearing white cotton gloves. For one evening, visitors are free to touch anything from car bodies to engines.

This year’s focus is on the special exhibition “Driving to Freedom in a BMW Isetta”, which presents the micro-car as an escape vehicle from East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. AR glasses allow visitors to immerse themselves even more in this chapter of German history. If you feel inspired by what you see, you can shoot the iconic car in your own stop motion film. The evening’s entertainment also includes a photo booth for souvenir pictures with the Isetta and music played by a DJ.

Where: BMW Museum
22/11/2019, 7.00 pm - 12.00 pm 
Tickets: Price per person: € 5.00, available via München Ticket or directly in the BMW Museum

White gloves night
White gloves night