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BMW Welt Adult Workshops

Workshops for adults

In BMW Welt, adults, companies, employees and young adults have the opportunity to participate in exciting workshops or team building activities. You can choose from a wide range of activities. Whether it's a creative Team-Challenge or a workshop on the subject of circular economy, there's something exciting for everyone.

cycle for the future.

RE:THINK. RE:USE. RE:DUCE. RE:CYCLE: Experience four sustainable principles of the future in a team challenge! In the BMW Welt, visitors can immerse themselves in the topic of "circularity" in a completely new way and get an authentic insight into how the BMW Group is developing towards holistic sustainability. In doing so, they get to know the innovation representatives of Circular Design at BMW and can revive their childlike curiosity, work themselves and work with various innovative materials, tools and machines.


The Mission is: Design THE innovative and sustainable means of transport of the future! Each team has limited material and financial resources and a specific timeframe to manage the mission. That's why special skills are required! Who has the best ideas, realistically assesses their own capabilities, uses the existing capacities efficiently and communicates cle arly? The team that developed the most innovative and particularly sustainable future vehicle, including a marketing concept, won and put a model sized prototype on the marketplace.


The Challenge is: Develop and design THE innovative and means of transport of the future! In teamwork, an innovative idea for this new future vehicle is first developed. From the point of view of a sustainable design, the idea then takes concrete forms in a model vehicle. Who is used as a designer, who is employed as an engineer? In the next step, graphic de signers and advertising copywriters are in demand: the newly developed means of transport is finally to be placed on the market. An a dve rtising slogan, a name and a logo are developed for this purpose in each team. Only those who communicate clearly in the team and show real teamwork pass the challenge.