The Premium Lounge is another highlight at BMW Welt, apparently floating in the centre of our award-winning architecture. The lounge’s modern flair, relaxed yet classy, makes every guest feel at home. Guests can enjoy breath-taking views of the premiere[A1] , as well as of the city with its famous landmarks. Turn the Premium Lounge – which is exclusively booked for international automobile deliveries during the day – into your own unique event location by night. Exquisite dining, exclusive catering, and an excellent service will round out an extraordinary and memorable event.

The Premium Lounge is an example of the use of spaces at BMW Welt that can be offered as event venues after consultation. Whether for an exclusive dinner, an inspiring get-together, or a club-like party featuring a DJ and dance floor, in the Premium Lounge you and your guests will experience extraordinary flair at the heart of BMW Welt.