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Host your event at one of the city’s most exciting locations! BMW Welt has already become a major Munich landmark that fascinates visitors from every continent – where award-winning architecture meets grand visions and passion for automobiles. The beating heart of the brand also offers plenty of room to accommodate your very own wishes and ideas. See for yourself: the versatile space at BMW Welt provides the perfect atmosphere for every kind of event, whether an annual kick-off event, a gala dinner or a grand cinematic experience.

BMW Welt Auditorium / Foyer


The multifunctional auditorium with its spacious lobby boasts a unique character that adapts to the nature of each event.

BMW Welt Double Cone


One of our venue highlights is the focal point of BMW Welt and an architectural masterpiece: the double cone. Whether at a banquet, gala reception, concert or vernissage, BMW Welt’s curved double cone guarantees a unique atmosphere.

BMW Welt Business Center


Arranging a product presentation or employee seminar? The Business Center with its separate meeting rooms and spacious interior and exterior terrace offers the perfect environment for meetings and conferences.

BMW Welt Inside and Outside Terrace


The inside and outside terrace can be found on the third-floor roof of the BMW Welt Event Forum. The inside terrace is located in the air-conditioned part of BMW Welt, while the outside terrace is fully covered and faces north.

BMW Welt Business Club


Planning a discreet meeting by the fireplace or a private negotiation? The Business Club is our exclusive spot for high-profile meetings.

BMW Welt Premium Lounge


The Premium Lounge is another highlight at BMW Welt, apparently floating in the centre of our award-winning architecture. The lounge’s modern flair, relaxed yet classy, makes every guest feel at home.