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BMW Welt Film, photo and TV production

Impressive perspectives.

Film, photo and TV production at BMW Welt.

Every production requires huge amounts of effort and preparation in order to go to plan on the day. Which is exactly what the film, photo and TV production team at BMW Welt specialise in doing. In the unique setting of our multiple award-winning architecture, we offer you the very best in infrastructure. From easily accessible rooms and simple navigation to various catering and storage options. While production takes place, you will be accompanied on site by your personal advisor. This way, you can respond promptly and effectively to the kind of challenges that may arise in production.

Perfectly polished – in every sense.

Production teams who have worked at BMW Welt before not only appreciate our architecture, they also quickly realise that we understand how to use the building to its full potential. The result is perfectly coordinated processes and optimally prepared locations: the basic prerequisites for brilliant results.

BMW Welt Photo shoot of the Masculin group
Carl Gross.

Your ideas. Our perspectives.

Wether you want to shoot photos or a video: Use the BMW Welt for a production.  There is a wide variety of spaces available for your shoot. The visual of our photo spots range is absolutely stunning – with each top location suiting very different aesthetic and technical specifications. These allow us to offer a wide range of atmospheric settings and lighting, all in one place. We are always available to answer your questions – so that by the end of the day you will leave with the exact shots you wanted.

Please note that shooting in reserved areas can only be arranged upon request.

Different costs may arise depending on the area. Offers are calculated based on the individual production. Naturally, we will keep you informed about the exact costs in advance. We look forward to hearing from you via the contact form below.

BMW Welt Double Cone Bridge
BMW Welt Premiere Bridge
BMW Welt Auditorium foyer

Bridge with view of the Double Cone.

We offer you one of the best photo spots in Munich. Here you can use the prominent identifying features of BMW Welt for your next shoot. The glass Double Cone is an impressive example of modern architecture. Using 1,000 tons of steel, it reaches a height of 28 meters. Every one of its steel sections was individually crafted to within two millimeters of accuracy. The result is a structure full of tension and precision – not to mention fascinating views for every shoot.

Bridge with view of the Premiere.

There’s no place quite as packed with emotions as the Premiere – this is where our customers finally get to take home their new cars. Yet you’ll also get goosebumps looking at the bridge opposite. It almost seems to hover next to the surrounding architecture. Even with the naked eye, the visible depth of BMW Welt is impressive. The huge window surfaces in the background open up the experience to the great outdoors, offering far-reaching creative opportunities.

Auditorium foyer.

The spacious foyer serves as the vestibule to the Auditorium. Its extraordinary architecture allows you to create the widest possible range of lighting moods. The huge window facade lets you use natural light from outdoors to set the scene. The wondrous play of light and shadow allows you to stage the most diverse scenarios imaginable – from futuristic scenes using long shots to precisely coordinated close-ups.

BMW Welt GKL Lounge
BMW Welt BMW i Lounge
BMW Welt individual Lounge

Progressive luxury meets creative excellence.

The current exhibition area was designed by BMW Welt in conjunction with Adrian van Hooydonk, Vice President of BMW Group Design, and star designer Patricia Urquiola. For the floor, Patricia Urquiola combined traditional Italian terrazzo with an elaborate 3D printing process. The result: progressive luxury meets creative excellence. Make the most of your next production by taking advantage of this unique collaboration and the extraordinary location it has created.

BMW i Lounge.

Ideas about the mobility of the future are driving force behind this modern space filled with creativity and imagination. Catch a glimpse of the future with your camera. Use a setting rich in detail and diversity for backdrops and projects that invite the viewer on a true journey of discovery. The BMW i Lounge allows you to experience tomorrow’s world today.

BMW Individual Lounge.

In the BMW Individual Lounge, exclusive materials and carefully selected details create a downright cozy atmosphere. The air of exclusivity is accentuated by luxury furniture and large glass surfaces that offer sweeping views into the distance. Different lighting moods give you the chance to work with multifaceted contrasts between indoor and outdoor spaces. This location is perfect for up-close and personal settings, such as interviews or portrait shots.

Film, photo and TV production

A professional setting offers great creative leeway while also holding everything together.

Film, photo and TV production at BMW Welt

Your shoot – more than the backdrop.

Did you know that with its unique setting BMW Welt has been one of Bavaria’s most popular tourist attractions since its opening? That’s precisely why we think it’s important for you to be able to work professionally and without disturbance. We therefore offer comprehensive parking facilities, separate entrances and team rooms, cordoned off areas and lockers, as well as artists’ dressing rooms and a mobile make-up station. Naturally we also provide security personnel as required.

Film, photo and TV production at BMW Welt

Personality – not just in front of and behind the camera.

We rely on direct contacts to ensure your production is successful. While work is going on you will be accompanied by your personal advisor. They will be as familiar with your needs and wishes as they are with our architecture and the possibilities it offers. Our service for your all-round success.




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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are more than keen to help you with the preparations for your shoot and/or the shoot itself. After your initial inquiry, you will be put in touch with your personal advisor. They will help you plan your project and be available to you until its completion. You can reach your advisor directly via their personal extension number and email. We are excited to welcome you to the unique architecture of BMW Welt.