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Auditorium Foyer

Auditorium Foyer.

Auditorium / Foyer.
We have the space. You have the possibilities.

The BMW Welt Auditorium and Foyer can easily be adapted to your needs. You could even say it’s a real spatial miracle. Need a large even-surfaced banquet hall? No problem. But of course, the auditorium bears its name for a good reason; even a tiered seating arrangement is not a problem, whether it’s for film screenings or conferences. The flexible room topography of the location offers you almost unlimited options for different events – according to your exact requirements.

A spacious foyer in front of the auditorium is also at your disposal and can be used upon request, perhaps for atmospheric receptions or exquisite catering.

Auditorium Floor Plan

Location Overview.


Auditorium / Foyer.

: 945 sqm (hall only) 
Rows of seats: 712
Parliamentary seating: 362
Banquet seating: max. 400
Standing: 800

Rows of seats: -
Parliamentary seating: -
Banquet seating: max. 310
Standing: 800

Parking & arrival

Parking & arrival.

  • Distance from centre: 5.5 km
  • Distance from airport: 31.8 km
  • Distance from main train station: 5 km
  • Distance from motorway: 0.2 km
  • Parking spaces: 300

Services & Key Facts.

  • All round carefree service.
  • Versatile space.
  • Equipped with full stage equipment.
  • Flexible room topography with elevated platforms.
  • 22 hall platforms, 4 stage platforms.
  • Truck deliveries possible.
  • Goods lift.
  • Air-conditioned.
  • Screen.
  • Daylight in Foyer.

More about our services.

Auditorium Foyer Profile

Auditorium / Foyer Profile.

Download overview now.

Seating plans and variations.


Download plans now.

Download plans now.

Our services for your event.

Stage equipment

Stage Equipment.

We can offer you high versatility thanks to the 23 hall platforms and four stage platforms. Various stages and topographies give you plenty of room for your ideas.

Video equipment

Video Equipment.

The possibilities surrounding HDTV front and back projection possibilities, as well as the feed system, are as flexible as the space itself.
Furthermore, camera systems, preview systems, a monitoring system and a cutting station are available for professional use. The signal is locally transferrable in 4K.


Audio equipment

Audio Equipment.

A L-Acoustics line array system and monitors are available.
The position of the sound systems is variably adjustable. In addition, mixers and monitor systems for high-quality audio mixes are available.

Lighting equipment

Lighting Equipment.

A lighting control system and dimmer system provide custom lighting. From conference lighting to effective show lighting, every wish can be fulfilled.



Tempting aromas and an irresistible taste are the best ambassadors of a kitchen. And they will also become positive ambassadors for your event through the creativity and attention to detail of our caterers. Enjoy the high culinary expertise of our exclusive partner, Feinkost Käfer, at BMW Welt.

Furniture & Equipment

Furniture & Equipment.

A pleasant atmosphere, effective work and inspiring features: you can trust our specialists to set up your event. An extensive range of widely-usable furniture offers almost unlimited possibilities here.

Enquire about location.

Enquire about location

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly assist you in the further planning of your event. Our project managers possess an extensive overview of all our locations and their respective features. That way, you will be working on a firm foundation from the very beginning and can fully concentrate on the content of your planned event.