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Packages and services

Choose your type of collection.

Your desired optional extras for the day.

You will soon see how precisely the architecture of BMW Welt is geared to your vehicle handover. But there is still more to discover: from the factory tour to a visit to the BMW Museum to the researchers workshop on the Junior Campus for talented youngsters from the age of seven. Take your time and experience the BMW brand first-hand.

Of course, deciding what else you would like to do when picking up your BMW is entirely up to you. We offer three options which each include a carefully coordinated programme: EXCLUSIVE, PREMIUM and BASIC. Whichever package you choose, collecting your new BMW will certainly be the highlight of your trip to BMW Welt. All three packages have one thing in common: our hospitality and exceptional service.

One goal — three options.

BMW collection EXCLUSIVE
BMW collection EXCLUSIVE

Maximum individuality — not just for your vehicle.

Exceptional service from start to finish. Travel to BMW Welt in comfort with our chauffeur service. After a brief check-in and refreshments in the Premium Lounge, your personal vehicle specialist will accompany you to the highly unique BMW Product Info Center. This is where you will see your BMW and its individual features for the first time in an impressive virtual form before the car is handed over to you. Your vehicle specialist will guide you through all the important functions in a very special ambience, ensuring an unforgettable first encounter with your vehicle. The vehicle handover takes place afterwards in an exclusive separate area. All relevant functions will be explained here and various comfort systems can be set up for your vehicle complete with a full tank. Following this exciting event, an exclusive 4-course menu awaits you in the Bavarie restaurant, created by star chef Bobby Bräuer (EssZimmer by Feinkost Käfer). The perfect way to end your day at BMW Welt. Of course, you can also arrange your schedule around this day to incorporate a tour of the BMW Group Plant and a visit to the BMW Museum, or perhaps a trip to the researchers workshop on the Junior Campus.

BMW collection PREMIUM Package
BMW collection PREMIUM Package

Comfortably — but also comprehensively.

Our voice assistant, the new BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant or the driver assistance systems make every journey in your new vehicle as pleasant as possible. Your personal vehicle specialist ensures that you can quickly enjoy all the functions of your new BMW. After check-in and refreshments in the Premium Lounge, your specialist will accompany you to the Product Info Center. Here you will see your vehicle and all its features for the first time in virtual form. You will then receive an initial detailed briefing. During the exciting presentation of the vehicle with special staging at the Premiere, the second part of the briefing takes place within and around the vehicle. There will, of course, be time for questions about the technology inside and further details. The exciting object right in front of you will surely lead to many a technical discussion. But don’t forget that the collection also includes a tour of the BMW Group Plant and visit to the BMW Museum, as well as the researchers workshop on the Junior Campus. You can also do all this before picking up your vehicle if you prefer.

BMW collection BASIC Package
BMW collection BASIC Package

Anticipation becomes driving pleasure in just 60 minutes.

Sometimes things must be done quickly. We understand that. Especially as this may not be your first trip to BMW Welt, or if your new BMW is not the first vehicle you have purchased from us. After check-in, we will accompany you to the Premium Lounge. Here you can enjoy delicious snacks and drinks from our exclusive catering partner Feinkost Käfer right before the handover of your vehicle. Take an exclusive look at the Premiere, where your vehicle handover will take place in a few minutes. Your personal vehicle specialist will pick you up and guide you to your new BMW. In a condensed form, he will explain all the basics about your new partially-fuelled vehicle and answer all your questions. And finally, the time has come for you to start the engine of your new BMW. Countless moments full of driving pleasure await you as you leave behind the impressive architecture of BMW Welt.

Price and Service Overview.

  €995 including VAT2 €695 including VAT2 €595 including VAT2
Vehicle briefing very comprehensive detailed condensed
Vehicle delivery in an exclusive area at the Premiere with staging at the Premiere
Transport costs
Product Info Center3
4-course menu4
Chauffeur Service
Fuel Full tank Half tank Half tank
Parking service
BMW Group Plant5
Entry to BMW Museum6
Researchers workshop Junior Campus7
Snacks and drinks in the Premium Lounge8

1. Subject to availability. The booking of the above vehicle collection packages depends on the respective model series. 2. Collection fees are charged by BMW AG the BMW dealer or the BMW branch (instead of transport fees). 3. Detailed virtual vehicle induction in the Product Info Center. 4. 4-course menu created by star chef Bobby Bräuer at the Bavarie restaurant (for 2 people) 5. Subject to availability. There are no factory tours on weekends, bridging days or public holidays. Please book factory tours well in advance of your vehicle collection date. 6. The BMW Museum is closed on Mondays. 7. Reservation necessary. For children aged seven and over. 8. You can bring along up to four accompanying persons to collect the car.

Do you want to collect your new BMW from BMW Welt? Welcome.

Collect your BMW

Receive your new BMW directly at BMW Welt. Enjoy spending a day at the heart of the brand, in close proximity to the BMW Museum and BMW Group Plant.

You can book this unforgettable experience through your BMW contract partner.

We can’t explain that feeling to you.
But your new BMW, we can.

Product Info Center
Packages & Services vehicle presentation
Packages & Services vehicle specialist

Fill up before you set off.

Included in the EXCLUSIVE package.
Packages & Services menu

Your 4-course menu in the Bavarie restaurant.

At the end of a special day, you and your companion can enjoy a 4-course menu at the Bavarie restaurant created by star chef Bobby Bräuer from the EssZimmer by Feinkost Käfer. The Bavarie’s kitchen combines international cuisine with regional influences. Sustainability and tradition are high on the menu.

It’s clear how you’ll leave us – but how would you like to arrive?

You will experience your departure from BMW Welt in the best possible way: in your new BMW. But you can choose between two options when arranging your arrival.

Packages & Services chauffeur service

Our chauffeur service.

Welcome — please get in then sit back and relax. That’s all you have to do because the destination of your trip is already known. Our exclusive chauffeur service takes you from the airport, main train station or from a hotel in the Munich area to BMW Welt in comfort and style. This service is even included in the price when you select the EXCLUSIVE package.

Included in the EXCLUSIVE package.

Packages & Services Sixt Gold Card

The Sixt Gold Card.

Travel by rental car to BMW Welt. Sixt gives all vehicle collectors a 50% online discount on the daily rental price. And you can easily return the vehicle upon arrival at BMW Welt without further ado as you will be leaving in your new BMW.

Hotel Offers

Our Hotel Offers.

When you come to collect your new BMW in Munich, you will certainly have an eventful day! So, why not take it easy? If you wish to arrive earlier, we can offer you a selection of exclusive hotel deals at attractive rates. The same applies, of course, if you wish to stay in Munich for an extra day. From first-class luxury to young urban chic - with our hotel partners, you can enjoy your stay in Munich without any worries. To benefit from these special collector’s rates, please contact BMW Welt customer service on 089 1250 160 20.*

* You can contact us Monday to Friday from 8.00 am – 10.00 pm. Saturday and Sunday, as well as federal holidays: 8.00 am – 6.00 pm.