How would it be if you were not only allowed to think up the most amazing things, but could also put them together yourself using tools?  The creative workshops at BMW Welt give children and young people every opportunity to use their imagination. Depending on their age, they can craft a unique vehicle, develop their own mobility concept as future experts or design their own vehicle of the future. All this in real collaborative teamwork and guided by pedagogical principles.

All creative workshops at a glance:

Creative workshop for children (ages 5 to 6)

Understanding mobility and shaping it creatively.

You think you have to be an adult to build a car? Nope! In the creative workshop, you too can invent a car and build it together with other children. Here, your own ideas about mobility come to life and in the campus workshop, the children have new, sustainable materials and lots of tools at their disposal to make their vehicle model a reality.

Workshop highlights.

01 Dream up a car of the future together.

02 Work with tools and materials yourself.

03 Build the car model together with other children.

Details, cost and further information.

The workshop is suitable for preschools and schools


Recommended age: 5 -6 years

Maximum number of participants: 15

Duration: approx. 2.5 hours

Accompanying persons: 2

Language: German/English

80,00 EUR p. ped. group (1 to 15 people)

Creative workshop for children (ages 7 to 13)

Understand and shape the future in a creative way.

Do you want to know how we will get around in the future? Then just make it up, because you can help shape the future! In the Future Lab, children explore topics such as autonomous driving, sustainability and electromobility in a relaxed and enjoyable way. Then they work in teams to design their idea of a car of the future. Innovative and sustainable materials and tools such as 3D pens guarantee fun in creative and shared work.

Workshop highlights.

01 Explore interactive exhibits.

02 Dreaming up a car of the future together.

03 Work with innovative tools and materials.

04 Building the car of the future as a team.


Details, cost and further information.

The workshop is suitable for schools, childcare centres and birthday events.


Recommended age: 7 -13 years

Maximum number of people: 30

Maximum number of people for birthdays: 10

Duration: 3 hours

Accompanying adults required: 3 for birthdays with a maximum of 10 people. Parents are responsible for supervision during the workshop.

Catering:  Yes, can be booked separately for birthday events

Language: German/English

80,00 EUR p. ped. group (1-15 persons)

160,00 EUR p. ped. group (16-30 persons)

240,00 EUR p. birthday group

15,00 EUR p. person for single/holiday groups

Creative workshop for young people (ages 14 to 18)

Team-Challenge Zero Waste.

Are you looking for a real challenge where you can also do something positive for the future? Then take on the team challenge in the creative workshop at BMW Welt. Here, participants bring their own ideas about the future  mobility to life and build a car of the future in a challenging competition with other teams. The winner is the team that has completed the task in the shortest time and with the least amount of material. Creativity, team spirit and sustainable development are rewarded here!

Workshop highlights.

01 Develop an idea together.

02 Plan and build a future car in a team.

03 Work quickly and efficiently.

04 Presenting the assembled car together.


Details, cost and further information.

The workshop is suitable for school trips and trainees.


Recommended age: From 14 years

Maximum of 30 people 

Duration of team challenge: 2 hours

Accompanying persons: 2

250,00 EUR per group.


Creative workshop for adults

Teamevent Mission Future Mobility!

Send your team on a mission that inspires everyone! It says: Design together the most sustainable means of transport of the future. Because materials, finances and time are limited, clever ideas are needed. Only the team that realistically assesses its capabilities, uses available capacities efficiently and communicates clearly has a chance. The winners are those who develop the most innovative and sustainable vehicle of the future, have a convincing marketing concept and place a model-sized prototype on the market.

Workshop highlights.

01 Complete a creative challenge together

02 Work efficiently in a team

03 Manage complete product development independently

04 Present the future vehicle to the team

Details, cost and further information.

The workshop is aimed at companies.


Recommended age: 18+ years

Minimum number of people: 6

Maximum number of people: 20

Duration: approx. 2.5 hours

Language: German/English

Price: EUR 95.00 / person