Masterly performances in automobile construction.

The BMW Group Plant Munich is the parent plant of the BMW Group. It is located in the North of Munich in immediate proximity to Group Headquarters, the BMW Museum and BMW Welt. Approximately 7,700 employees from over 50 countries work at this site, 850 being trainees. Around 950 automobiles and more than 3,000 engines are manufactured here every day with the plant being closely integrated into the worldwide production network.

Since 1922 the BMW headquarters have been located at the Lerchenauer Strasse, east of today's Olympic Park. At first aircraft engines were built here, then motorcycles and finally automobiles and engines. The BMW Group Plant Munich ranks among the most modern manufacturing plants in Europe. The smooth interplay of production, logistics, transport and administration on a total surface area of approx. 500,000 square meters represents a masterful worldwide achievement in modern vehicle manufacturing.

In 1975 the first BMW 3 Series rolled off the production line. With more than 13 million units sold since its launch, it is the best-selling and most successful model in the premium segment worldwide. The manufacturing process for the sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series features state-of-the-art production technologies which take quality and efficiency to a new level in BMW vehicle manufacturing. The standardised product and process modules ensure a high level of productivity and variability. Thanks to these innovative manufacturing processes, the new production facilities and the new assembly techniques, the BMW Group Plan Munich sets the standard for sustainable and environment-friendly production.