Children hug each other at a birthday party at BMW Welt


Each of your children’s birthdays is very special. That's why you could also give your child and guests a very special gift for their birthday. Book a workshop at BMW Welt or the BMW Museum! Exciting tasks, innovative tools and materials await to stimulate the imagination, promote creativity and team spirit - but more than anything else are a lot of fun.

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Birthday events at BMW Welt and BMW Museum.
Children tinker with a futuristic car at the BMW creative workshop


The creative workshops at BMW Welt give the imagination of children and young people all the scope they need. As experts of the future, they develop their own mobility concept or design their own future vehicle. All this in real teamwork and guided by pedagogical principles.
Children measure vehicles in BMW Museum to find clues


After a joint, interactive walk through the BMW Museum, the children are given the task of tracking down and investigating specific vehicles using a detective's kit including measuring tape, gloves and police cordon tape. The results are prepared and presented by the teams in a profile they will have designed and made themselves.
Girl controls a small Lego robot with the help of a tablet


In the programming workshop, children dive into the broad topic of "coding". They learn which language can be used to explain to robots what they should do. And they experiment with innovative kits on various future topics. The workshops are accompanied by pedagogically trained staff.
Boy paints his own car design


In the design workshop at the BMW Junior Museum, children have fun exploring the shapes and colours of automobiles and become car designers themselves. The journey into the world of industrial design stimulates the imagination leading right into the heart of the stimulating process of brainstorming and design.
Child creates animated movie on tablet

Movie workshop

In the film workshop, children and young people start with a journey of ideas through the alternating exhibition "BMW i - VISIONARY MOBILITY" in the BMW Museum. They will use a tablet and stop-motion app to create a stop-motion short film as a team. Finally, the resultant film is shown to all participants.
It was just a really good day. A lot of trying stuff out, experimenting and using machines to work on things. Just cool. A fantastic idea and a very different way of celebrating a birthday.
John, 12 years old


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