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BMW Welt Junior Programme Holiday Workshops
Workshop Overview.


What does the car of tomorrow actually look like? And what is it made of?
How do ideas gain momentum and end up on the road?
What do architecture and cars have in common?
And how do you teach a robot to talk?

The world is full of questions – and our workshops are full of answers. No matter what age you are, learning about the future and mobility is twice as much fun when you can enjoy it interactively by playing, trying things out and discovering.

BMW Welt Junior Programme Holiday Workshops

We came here with school. It was a really great day. Lots of trying things out, experimenting and working on topics ourselves in small teams. Really cool. Completely different to school and yet we were still able to learn a lot.


Overview of Holiday Workshops.

BMW Welt Junior Programme Creative Workshop

Creative Workshop.

What does my vehicle of the future look like? Children become “Future Pros” and develop their own mobility concepts as experts on the future. 

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BMW Welt Junior Programme Programming Workshop


How does a robot work? Children experience Industry 4.0 by designing and coding with programmable building blocks.

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BMW Welt Junior Programme Film Workshop

Film Workshop.

How do I shoot a stop-motion film? Following a brainstorming session at the BMW Museum, children make their own stop-motion films on future-related topics.

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BMW Welt Junior Programme Design Workshop

Design Workshop.

How do car designers work? Children dive into the world of industrial design and, after a journey of ideas through the BMW Museum, design a car using airbrush technology.

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No. During the workshop, children are looked after by two pedagogically-trained staff members. A childcare form will be filled out for the children by parents at the start of the workshop.

Yes. Please bring your own snack and drink.

The meeting point for the workshops in the BMW Museum is located in the foyer.


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