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This year, the FUTURE FORUM is once again dedicated to the most relevant topics of the future. At the Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) in May, we focus on how we can shape this future through design and technology. With our exciting guests we talk about the Metaverse and the merging of the real and the virtual world. About how innovation and technology can create new immersive experiences for customers and the opportunities and challenges that arise.

What will our lives look like in the future, and will we even spend them in a virtual parallel universe? How can innovative design and digitalization make future product experiences even more personal and interactive? 

Session 1: What is the Metaverse – The Beginning of a new Era?

Session 1: What is the Metaverse - The Beginning of a new Era?
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It is just the beginning even though writers and thinkers have pitched the idea of the metaverse decades ago. But it is coming with great strides.

Digital art NFTs are auctioning for several million dollars at Christie´s in New York. Major investors are buying "land" in digital worlds and building virtual properties there. And even the Facebook group is now called Meta because Mark Zuckerberg is so passionate about the Metaverse.

But what is the Metaverse and will we really spend a lot of our time there in the future? What opportunities and risks do virtual worlds hold? What rules and ethical principles will apply? How will this technology change our civil society?

Dive with us into virtual worlds and find out where the journey will take us in the future.

When: 16th May 2022 at 5.00 pm (CET)

Where: Digital and live event from the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt

Live Stream: Here and on Facebook

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Future Forum - Metaverse

Anika Meier is an author and curator specializing in digital art. She writes a column for the German art magazine Kunstforum titled STATUS UPDATE about the developments around the topic of NFTs in the field of art. Right now she‘s working on among others a book titled “discussing Art NFTs“ with Micol Ap and Jesse Damiani, exhibitions and art NFT Linz for Francisco Carolinum in Linz, the UNESCO City of Media Arts. 

She curated among others The Artist Is Online (2021) at KÖNIG GALERIE and at KÖNIG in Decentraland (together with Johann König), Exercise in Hopeless Nostalgia. The World Wide Webb by Thomas Webb at KÖNIG DIGITAL, Surprisingly This Rather Works by Manuel Rossner at KÖNIG DIGITAL, Link in Bio. Art After Social Media (2019/2020) at Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig, Virtual Normality. Female Net Artists 2.0 at Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig (2018/2019).

Future Forum - Metaverse

Christian “Mio” Loclair, creative director at Waltz Binaire, is a new media artist, computer scientist and choreographer from Berlin, Germany. He explores the friction of nature colliding with data and digital procedures. Using cutting edge technology and artificial intelligences in interactive installations, audio-visual experiences, visual narratives and dance performances, he continuously explores the harmony and tension of the encounter of humans and machines. Mio is publishing his work on digital installations, unexpected galleries and theatre stages around the world for commercial and independent projects. Furthermore Mio spoke about the philosophy of his work at the Palais De Nationes (United Nations), MIT (Boston), Centre Pompidou (Paris) and Frauenkirche (Dresden), among others.

His work has been featured by companies such as Google, IBM, Mercedes Benz, BMW and VW and presented at museums such as Ars Electronica, Today Art Museum Beijing and Centre Pompidou.

Future Forum - Metaverse

Dr. Susanne Päch, a journalist and media expert, she holds a PhD in history of science as well as communication. She is the owner and managing director of mce mediacomeurope GmbH, a consulting company in the field of content and multimedia. The company is also operating an independent TV-station for science and technology called HYPERRAUM.TV. The program is published via IP and Smart-TV and is officially licensed as a TV program by Bayerische Landeszentrale für Neue Medien. 

Her husband is Herbert W. Franke, a pioneer in many worlds, a border crosser between art and science who made very early and decisive achievements in numerous disciplines. As a computer artist of the first hour, he first experimented with generative photography in 1952, but as early as 1954 he first used an analogue computer and then, from the 1960s onwards, the first mainframe computers for his abstract "algorithmic" art based on mathematical principles. In 1979 he was a co-founder of Ars Electronica and in the 2000s a mastermind of the metaverse, with his 3D world "Z-Galaxy", built and operated with Susanne Päch, an area of changing exhibitions on the internet platform Active Worlds.


Session 2: Get Metaversed – Follow us into a Digital new World!

Session 2: Get Metaversed - Follow us into a Digital new World!
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Immersive art and design experiences are one of the biggest trends of recent years. The merging of the real and virtual worlds offers the user completely new experiences.

But not just in the art world. Technological advances are also giving companies the opportunity to offer their customers a new way of experiencing and interacting with their products.

In China, Alibaba has built a VR shopping mall that specializes in helping both vendors and buyers to essentially ‘shop’ inside an online virtual store. Fashion Week has a digital spin-off with all-virtual outfits from every major luxury brand.

And at the BMW Group the physical vehicle merges with the Metaverse by giving the drivers the possibility to adjust their vehicle settings to their current outside-situation and their mood.

Sounds exciting? Are you already curious?

With our guests we would like to discuss how technology and design can enable immersive product experiences in both the virtual and the real world. We will shed light on the topic from different angles, and explore what significance the Metaverse will have for companies like the BMW Group in the future.

When: 17th May 2022 at 5.00 pm (CET)

Where: Digital and live event from the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt

Live Stream: Here and on Facebook

17.05.2022 , 17:00  


Future Forum - Metaverse

Born in Ulm in 1980, lives in Berlin and Hamburg. She studied art history and German language and literature in Heidelberg. Scholarships brought her to Marbach to the German Literature Archive, to Paris to the German Forum for Art History and, as a Junior Visiting Fellow, to London to the Institute for Germanic and Romance Studies at the University of London. During her studies, she worked for cultural institutions such as the Städel Museum in Frankfurt and the State Palaces and Gardens of Baden-Württemberg. In 2008 she was on the jury of the Clemens Brentano Prize for Literature of the City of Heidelberg, in 2014 she received the August Hoff scholarship for art-historical research from the LETTER Foundation. She is a lecturer at the Institute of European Art History at Heidelberg University.

She is a freelance author and columnist for Monopol Magazin, Spiegel Online, Die Zeit, Goethe-Institut and Photonews, among others. For Monopol, she writes in her own blog about art on social networks. Her texts have also been published in, among others: FAZ, Zeit Online, Die Zeit, art magazine, keen on and Rondo (Der Standard).

Future Forum - Metaverse

Educational Background

Industrial Design Studies at University of Applied Sciences in Munich Specialization on User Interface Design Bachelor of Arts User Interface & Experience. 

Designer at BMW Group. Working Experiences at BMW Group since 2015 at BMW Group creating user interface & experience designs for the brands BMW, Rolls Royce and MINI focusing on the individual and emotional brand experience on the digital touchpoints responsible for user interface and visual design of the BMW My Modes, from first ideations to the final series designs and digital artworks.

Future Forum - Metaverse

Luca Schiefer is a product strategist working at the intersection of experience design, technology and business. With a degree in Organisational Innovation & Strategic Design from Copenhagen Business School she joined JOURNEE - THE METAVERSE COMPANY in its earliest beginnings. Today she is leading the product strategy for the world’s highest quality metaverse infrastructure, that successfully delivered groundbreaking metaverse online cases, such as Vogue Business, BMW, and adidas.


Future Forum - Metaverse

Institute of Digital Fashion [IoDF]: An emblem for change, creating the new vocabulary for fashions metaverse futures. Providing world-class immersive digital solutions, strategies and innovations, IoDF are pushing for a more inclusive, sustainable and diverse IRL x URL reality. Through AR, VR, UX, NFTs, digital try-ons, research papers and metaverse consultancy, IoDF delivers innovations that take the industry beyond its comfort zones, building 360 world solutions. Holding 6 Industry Firsts, IoDF are noted as the global leaders in digital fabrication, IRL x URL experiences, clothing, avatar, environments, diverse digital representation and immersive VR AR and WebXR. Born to push tech-use toward a more democratic and sustainable future, IoDF offers a platform and manifesto to restructure how technology and digital are used from creation to consumer. Via education, activations and discourse, IoDF’s work is moving the industry beyond its hierarchical traditions.

Leanne Elliot-Young, IoDF CEO & Co-Founder

Young is noted globally as the lead innovator and commentator on the topics of the metaverse, digital fashion innovation, inclusivity in tech, sustainability and NFTs.  A C-suite executive, female founder and academic, that works within strategic innovation for IRL x URL digital fashion creations and metaverse centric showcases. Young has managed large project budgets over 2.3M. Project managed teams of 20+. Owning, negotiating and writing talent and partnership contracts. Handling global territory deliverables. Spending over 15 years creating strategic concepts for future facing living, fusing the established with progressive, youth-centric points. Since graduating, Young has held prestigious contracts with Nike; Global entertainment team on experiential marketing to Selfridges luxury store building retail innovation. 

Clients include: Condé Nast, Lexus, Samsung, Dazed, Adidas, Nike, Kenzo, British Council, Frieze Art Fair, The Selfridges Group, The V&A Museum, British Fashion Council.

"A notable force leading what fashion will look like within the next decade." Dazed 

“One of 50 creatives who are shaping the next 50 years.” - Highsnobiety


Catty Taylor,  IoDF Creative Director & Co-Founder

Cattytay is a queer self taught 3D designer and artist, globally recognised as the first pioneer of digital fashion. Spearheading the conversations in the industry on inclusivity, diversity and digital fashions future. As a designer and creative director Cattytay specialises with world class expertise in garment fabrication and simulation and is an expert and lead in Clo3d, Daz3D, Marvelous Designer and Zbrush. Cattytay has been working in fashion tech since graduating in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art 2016, holding roles at Merlin entertainment within clothing dev to then building a notable community for 400+ 3D makers Digi-gxl. The platform for women, Queer, non binary and trans folk, offering software, technical guidance, industry advice and creative support to a queer community of creators. Seen as the stakeholder in building an inclusive space for makers in the fashion arena.

Clients include: Louis Vuitton, A cold wall, Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, NIke, Adidas, Vogue, Highsnobiety, RickOwens.

Cattytay has had notable features in Vogue, Dazed, It’s Nice That, Creative Review, Business of Fashion, LOVE, Complex and WWD.

"Making waves in fashion’s digital realm is 3D Designer and Artist Cattytay.” Dazed

“A virtual garment designer that creates 3D rendered clothing that showcases motion and texture translated onto unseen bodies.” - Complex