I want to be an engineer! Shaping Mobility is all about making cars. In the Junior Campus Laboratory, the young researchers can first test their knowledge on mobility, sustainability and globality in an exciting quiz and deepen their knowledge with the help of ten interactive stations. They will learn how much muscle power is needed to generate electricity and which nature phenomena inspire the work of car designers, for example.

After learning a little theory and conducting some fascinating experiments, participants move on to the Junior Campus Workshop. Here, they get together in teams of three to build their own vehicle. The teams pass through five stations, collecting important information and materials as they go, which they will need to fit out and design their automobiles. A range of different engines and designs are available and have to be selected to match the vehicle type. Finally, the teams get together at the work bench to build the car themselves. When all the requirements for the assignment are met and the car successfully completes the test circuit evaluation, each team member is awarded a diploma. 

Group workshops:
Age:                 7–13 years
Participants:   min. 8 children / max. 30 people
Duration:         3.5 hours
Location:         Junior Campus, BMW Welt
Date:                Monday to Friday: 9.00am, 2.30pm and Wednesday to Friday 11.45am
Price:                EUR 5.00 p.p.

Age:                 7–13 years
Participants:   no minimum no. of participants / max. 15 people
Duration:         3-3.5 hours
Location:         Junior Campus, BMW Welt
Date:                Friday 2.30 pm, Saturday and Sunday: 10.00am, 11.00am, 1.30pm, 2.30pm
Price:                EUR 190.00 p.p.

Holiday programme during Bavarian public holidays:
Age:                  9–13 years
Participants:     min. 8 children / max. 30 people
Duration:          2.5 hours
Location:          Junior Campus, BMW Welt
Date:                 Monday to Friday: 10.15am, 2.30pm
Price:                 EUR 5.00 p.p.

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