The museum’s Unusual Perspectives workshop offers youngsters the opportunity to get involved in creative activities such as design and photography. What does design mean? And how does an automobile designer work? First, there is an interactive tour to stimulate the youngsters’ imaginations and curiosity. They are given initial insights into the history of BMW and the design process. Here, the museum exhibits allow for a wide range of interdisciplinary approaches. Themes such as modern architecture and art are addressed, as well as sustainability and other issues impacting on the future of society. In the second part of the workshop, participants then work in teams to compile a record of what they have seen in photographs. The main focus is now on the youngsters’ own perspectives. The groups are issued with cameras and all participants move freely around the museum taking photographs related to a specific, predefined artistic theme. In this way, they develop a sense of technical refinement, architectural detail, light incidence and mirroring effects, while also learning to see things from a bird’s eye and worm’s eye view. Finally, the results are presented to the other groups and discussed.

Group workshops:
Age:               13–18 years
Participants:  min. 8 / max. 30 people
Duration:        2.5 hours
Location:        BMW Museum
Date:              Tuesday to Friday: 10.15am
Price:              EUR 5.00 p.p.

Ungewöhnliche Perspektiven