The Mobility Tour allows children to experience BMW Welt interactively. Current issues such as the use of raw materials and recycling are researched and examined in detail.

Using specific automobile parts as examples, the young engineers become familiar with various materials and resources. What are tyres made of? And why is copper such an expensive metal? Teams work on solving these questions, noting down their answers on a checklist. The youngsters then apply their knowledge on a tour of BMW Welt – equipped as car mechanics with tools to search and check the cars and motorcycles from the point of view of recycling, speed and safety. All the young engineers are allowed to sit inside selected cars and on certain motorbikes.

Group workshops:
Age:                7–10 years
Participants:   min. 8 people / max. 30 people
Duration:         2.5 hours
Location:         Junior Campus, BMW Welt
Date:               Monday to Wednesday: 9.15am
Price:               EUR 5.00 p.p.

Holiday programme during Bavarian public holidays:
Age:                5-6 years upon request
Age:                7-10 years
Participants:   min. 8 children / max. 30 people
Duration:         2.5 hours
Location:         Junior Campus, BMW Welt
Date:               Monday to Wednesday: 10.15am
Price:              EUR 5.00 p.p.