The Future Awaits.

The BMW Vision Next 100.

What is driving pleasure going to look like in the future? In the near future, the majority of automobiles will probably be driven autonomously. People will move about in robots on wheels. What raison d’être do BMW automobiles have in light of this development? A people-centred brand that loves driving. But how can these values be translated into the future?

BMW’s design teams asked themselves these very questions on the occasion of the company’s 100th anniversary – and this was their answer: BMW Vision Next 100. During the development phase, it was important that the driver would not get into an anonymous means of transport, but into a very personal one that was completely suited to them and in which there is an emotional connection between the vehicle and the driver.

The BMW Vision Next 100 is a fascinating vision of the future that combines all the trends and technologies that will be most relevant to BMW in the coming years. You now have the chance to experience this car of the future first-hand; as part of the special exhibition at BMW Welt, the BMW Vision Next 100 will transport you into a fascinating automotive future.

So, hop in and experience how digital intelligence makes the driver the “Ultimate Driver” and how “Alive Geometry” allows for intuitive driver-vehicle interaction. Get to know the “Companion” which enables intelligent communication between driver and vehicle. Observe the fascinating design and materials of the future. In short: Let the BMW Vision Next 100 inspire you.