BMW i vehicle exhibition.

BMW i stands for a wholesome approach and the future oriented interpretation of sustainable premium mobility: electric propulsion, innovative materials, and technologies united in revolutionary concepts of tomorrow. It is built around a new understanding of premium, that is defined over sustainability across the entire value chain.

BMW i shows at the BMW Welt what this means precisely. Discover how electrifying driving pleasure can be in the future and what exactly makes BMW i a pioneer of sustainable and innovative mobility already today: futuristic mobility concepts and -services, visionary design and consistent sustainability among the entire product life cycle.

The innovative technology topics of BMW i are in focus: the fully electric BMW i3 as consistently sustainable designed emission-free vehicle for inner-city traffic, as well as the BMW i8 as visionary sports car.

Would you like to expirience the topic of autonomous driving live? No problem. Visit our showcase (twice a day) "This is tomorrow now. The future mobility". Be there when one of our BMW i3 drives autonomously for the first time.

Would you like a test drive of the electrifying kind? Use our offer on location at the BMW Welt and take a seat in one of our BMW i3 to enjoy electro mobility live at the Plaza (at the Premiere on Sundays). Please note that a prior registration at the counter is necessary on Sundays.