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Family Workshop. RE: BMW Circular Lab

RE: BMW Circular Lab.

Family Workshop RE: BMW Circular Lab.

Understand circularity and change the world.
Where does my t-shirt come from? And why is the future round?
Families immerse themselves in the topic of “circularity / circular economy” and create their own sustainable products.

In a small contest with exciting knowledge-based games they become familiar with sustainable principles and think about what they already do at home. In the process, they are encouraged to think holistically and delve into the topic of circularity in a playful way. In teamwork, they throw dice, do puzzles and solve riddles. The best ideas get points and are exhibited.

As a highlight that families can be creative in the Campus workshops and work with innovative machines. They make new products out of used plastic bottle caps. At the end, each family goes home with their self-made products.  

Your Booking Options:

Prerequisite for participation: Families with children from 9 to 12 years.

Minimum number of participants: 1 family.

Maximum number of participants: 2 families.

Duration: 2 hours.

Language: German / English.

Where: Campus Workshop – meeting point at the Campus counter.

Cost: 39,00 euros per family.

Dates with times: Saturday / Sunday / bank holidays  15:30, individual appointments are possible

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