Sommeliers Service from EssZimmer by Käfer.

Order an exclusive wine experience ot your wine cellar.

Seize the unique opportunity and open the doors of your wine cellar to the sommeliers of the 2-star restaurant EssZimmer by Käfer. Our experienced sommeliers Marie and Domenico will come to your home, sort your treasures , give you valuable tips for maximum enjoyment or create your own wine list.

Marie and Domenico will sort your wine cellar according to your personal wishes, for example by wine-growing region, winemaker or grape variety. They will also be happy to create an inventory list or a list with the value of each bottle for you. This way you will know exactly which treasures are slumbering in your wine cellar.

You want to enjoy your wines when they fully develop their taste? The sommeliers at the EssZimmer by Käfer restaurant will tell you for each bottle whether it is ready to drink or still needs some aging time. If you wish, you can even present your own digital wine list to guests following our sommeliers service.

Get a special kind of wine experience at home now with the Sommeliers Service of EssZimmer by Käfer.

After viewing your wine cellar, we will be happy to create an individual offer for you.  



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