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Jazz Award 2019

BMW Welt Jazz Award 2019.


Géraldine Laurent Quartet.

“At Work” was awarded the prize for the best French album of the Académie du Jazz in 2015, which is just one of the many awards that Géraldine Laurent has received. 

The French saxophonist attended the Conservatory in her hometown of Niort at the age of 13. Later, she accompanied well-known artists such as Aldo Romano, Antoine Hervier and singer Romeyn Adams Nesbitt before she gained fame with her own projects in France. In 2007 her picture graced the front page of the New York Times. 

With “At Work”, Géraldine Laurent, pianist Paul Lay, bassist Yoni Zelnik and drummer Donald Kontomanou present their own compositions which stand in the tradition of great jazz legends and at the same time add their own unmistakeable touch. The stylistic spectrum ranges from irresistible swinging bebop to lyrical ballads to relaxed grooving funk.

The virtuosity and tasteful play of Laurent and her colleagues make this mixture a musical delight for fans of classical and modern jazz alike. Timeless modern music with passion and swing.

Géraldine Laurent: Saxophone
Paul Lay: Piano
Yoni Zelnik: Double Bass
Donald Kontomanou: Drums

Where: BMW Welt Double Cone
When: 17/02/2019 from 11.00 am – 1.30 pm (Doors open at 10.30 am)
Costs:  Admission is free of charge. Please note that the capacity is limited.

Géraldine Laurent Quartet
Géraldine Laurent Quartet