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Showcasing more than 100 years of company history, the BMW Museum is one of Germany’s most popular company museums. Since 1973, it has offered visitors from all over the world a fascinating glimpse into the company’s brand and product history.

The BMW Museum offers three unique rooms for tailored event experiences. Celebrate in the midst of historic vehicles in one of three impressive event spaces, each boasting an extraordinary atmosphere to entertain your guests. All rooms offer new forms of media presentation to help you stage the perfect event.

BMW Museum Bowl


The so-called ‘museum bowl’ hosts the rotating exhibitions of the BMW Museum. Both of the upper exhibition spaces offer the possibility of 360-degree use, creating an unparalleled atmosphere for your event.

BMW Museum Square


BMW Square is the heart of the BMW Museum. The steeply angled room makes a clear statement. An innovative ‘mediatecture’ based on LED-technology facilitates new, multimedia forms of room presentation and event choreography surrounded by historic vehicles.

BMW Museum Foyer


All visitor routes and essential service areas come together in the BMW Museum foyer. The view of the 13-metre-high BMW Square offers an impressive hint of the museum’s innovative architecture.