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Museum Bowl
Museum Bowl.

BMW Museum Bowl.
Treat your guests to a view. An all-round view.

Even at first glance, you will be able to see that the BMW Museum is a building filled with history. But first and foremost, it is also a building that is alive. For, after all, there are so many stories that we have to tell. As do you.  

Here, the BMW Museum’s so-called Bowl offers you a variety of interesting opportunities. The Bowl is where the BMW Museum’s various temporary exhibitions are held throughout the year. In other words, the setting for your event is already taken care of. The Bowl’s upper two exhibition spaces allow for striking 360-degree media projections, ensuring all-round impressive talks and presentations.

This loosens up your event visually and allows for even more focused communication. The impressive staging quickly triggers conversation and exchange.

Museum Bowl map

Location overview.


Museum Bowl.

Size: 650 sqm 
Rows of seats: 100 
Parliamentary seating: N/A
Banquet seating: N/A
Standing: 190

Parking & arrival

Parking & arrival.

  • Distance from centre: 5.5 km
  • Distance from airport: 31.8 km
  • Distance from main train station: 5 km
  • Distance from motorway: 0.2 km
  • Parking spaces: 300

Services & Key Facts.

  • All round carefree service.
  • Interesting staging of premises due to the possibility of 360-degree projections.
  • Exceptional environment thanks to setting within the respective temporary exhibition.
  • Staging technology can be customised as the per available options.
  • Catering is provided by our exclusive partner Feinkost Käfer.

More about our services.

Museum Bowl profile

Museum Bowl profile.

Download overview now.

Seating plans and variations.

Seating plans

Download plans now.

Download plans now.

Our services for your event.

Technical Equipment

Audio Equipment, Video Equipment, Stage Equipment.

The fact that the Museum Bowl also serves as the setting for the Museum’s temporary exhibitions makes the technical equipment highly flexible. The equipment can be customised to your event depending on the occasion and your individual needs.




Tempting aromas and irresistible flavours: they are a kitchen’s best ambassadors. With the creativity and the attention to detail involved in our catering, they simultaneously become positive ambassadors for your event, too. Catering is provided by our exclusive partner Feinkost Käfer.

Furniture & equipment

Furniture & Equipment.

A pleasant atmosphere, effective workflows and inspiring furnishings: Trust our specialists when it comes to the setup of your event. An extensive range of widely-usable furniture offers almost unlimited possibilities here.

Enquire about location.

Enquire about location

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly assist you in the further planning of your event. Our project managers possess an extensive overview of all our locations and their respective features. That way, you will be working on a firm foundation from the very beginning and can fully concentrate on the content of your planned event.