Young BMW designers.

A whole lot of creativity comes to light in this holiday workshop. Armed with a sketchbook and pencil, the children and youngsters initially set off together on a brainstorming journey through the BMW museum. What do they like? What do they still find cool? How have cars changed over the last hundred years? How might they look in the future? The children and youngsters sketch their ideas for a "car of the future". They may then develop their own design in the same way as the professionals, using special tools, templates, airbrushing and lots more. As a grand finale, they assign a suitable name to their car design before presenting it to the others.

Group workshops:
Age:                9–14 years
Participants:   min. 10 children / max. 30 children
Duration:         2.5 hours (age group 7-10), 3.5 hours (age group 11-13)
Location:         BMW Museum
Date:               Tuesday to Friday: 10.15 am
Price:              EUR 5.00 p.p.

Age:                9-14 years
Participants:   no minimum no. of participants / max. 15 children
Duration:         2.5 hours
Location:         BMW Museum
Date:               Tuesday to Fryday during bavarian public holidays, Saturday, Sunday and public holiday: 3.00 pm
Price:              EUR 190.00 p.p.

Holiday programme during bavarian public holidays:
Age:                9–14 years
Participants:   min. 8 / max. 30 people
Duration:        2.5 hours
Location:        BMW Museum
Date:              Friday: 10.15 am 
Price:              EUR 5.00 p.p.