Future Forum by BMW Welt.
Genius Session.


Meet-up of the “Sustainable Cities Challenge”: Volunteers create ideas for the mobility sector in the next generation of cities. Topic today: Citizens’ action for bicycle mobility in Munich 2020. 

70% of carbon emissions come from cities, mainly from 4 sectors: energy, buildings, waste and MOBILITY. Mobility and transportation are at the center of our daily life. Let’s invent the next generation of cities, more inclusive and sustainable. That’s why makesense is launching the SUSTAINABLE CITIES CHALLENGE in 10 cities around the world. Dozens of citizens are organizing meet-ups to discuss on how to rethink transportation in our cities, highlight existing solutions and new ideas and take the best output to the next level – a creativity workshop. The Sustainable Cities Challenge is supported by the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt.
makesense is a dynamic, global, people-powered community that connects engaged citizens, passionate entrepreneurs and forward-looking organizations to solve social issues. In 7 years, makesense has supported 3,200 social entrepreneurs, 100,000 citizens and 200 organizations.

Date: 04/11/2019
Time: Start: 6.00 pm, Duration: 45 minutes
Costs: free – no registration necessary