With its corporate strategy "Number ONE", the BMW Group pursues the goal of being the world's leading supplier of premium products and premium services for individual mobility. Outstanding quality, process orientation and sustainable management along the entire value creation chain go without saying in this context, as do the creation and maintenance of secure and performance-enhancing work conditions for all employees and partners.

Quality, environmental protection and occupational safety are regarded as the comprehensive responsibility of all BMW Group managers and employees. Their awareness of quality and the environment is promoted through the twelve fundamental BMW Group convictions and the principle of ongoing improvement. The high aspirations of the BMW Group naturally apply to BMW Welt, too.

As the company's showcase and its largest collection and experience centre, BMW Welt is the BMW Group's most important permanent, international and public platform. Here, visitors and customers are given the unique opportunity to experience all the brands, topics and future perspectives of the company in an innovative and individual way.

In order to be able to guarantee that this experience is of the very highest quality, some 600 employees work to optimise all processes on an ongoing basis. Quality throughout the full range of processes is the requirement for excellence. For this reason, it is essential to focus on customers' interests and professional process orientation. In doing so, we select the processes that are most effective, efficient and sustainable for BMW Welt.

Based on the "BMW Group Environmental Guidelines", environmental goals are set according to the principle of continuous improvement as part of goal management. The legal context and other requirements are taken into consideration here as are key environmental aspects, technological options, the general financial, operational and business-related conditions, and also the points of view of interested groups (customers, society, politics, investors, etc.). It goes without saying that the observation of all legal obligations and statutory requirements is fundamental.

A secure work environment is provided at BMW Welt for employees and partners which promotes health and excellence. What is more, since we are a public venue we also take our responsibility for visitors very seriously and endeavour to provide a secure and ecologically sound visitor experience down to the last detail.

The relevant key performance figures are regularly compiled and assessed. Communication with external interested groups and authorities is always carried out through or by agreement with the BMW Group press offices responsible.

It is our stated aim to keep these promises and continue to develop and improve on an ongoing basis so as to continuously raise the standards we have set ourselves.

(Last revised: 01.09.2015)

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