The Junior Program offers unforgettable birthday events at BMW Welt and the BMW Museum, putting a happy face on both children and parents. During the event, educationally trained staff look after the children and youngsters, guaranteeing a fun and fascinating experience - and parents don't have to worry about a thing. Whether at the BMW Museum or BMW Welt, both of the children's birthday programs are perfectly tailored to the interests of the age group in question.

Children and youngsters aged 7 to 13 will feel like budding engineers at a Junior Campus birthday event. First there is an age-appropriate introduction round with an exciting quiz and interesting experiments in the Junior Campus Lab, then the kids move on to the studio. Here they get into teams and build a car. When they take a break from their creative work, the youngsters can either enjoy a snack they bring along themselves or else a delicious children's meal served by BMW Welt catering partners.

The children's birthday program "Mission Mobility" at BMW Museum allows children aged 7 to 12 to take on the role of detectives and agents. The young investigators form teams and set off on a fascinating interactive tour in search of cars which they have to examine very closely. Their job is to collect data and solve tricky problems. Teams are issued with a detective suitcase to help them with their investigation work. The equipment includes a measuring tape, gloves and police barrier tape. To ensure the detectives and agents don't go hungry it is also possible to book catering at the M1 museum restaurant. Otherwise the youngsters can bring along their own snacks with them.

Anyone looking to become a “Young BMW Designer” can do so in the BMW Museum. Children aged between 7 and 14 design their own futuristic car using modelling materials and airbrush. Under pedagogical guidance the children draw inspiration, discover trends and learn about hallmark BMW design in the BMW Museum. Then things get really creative – using the real COPIC pro design equipment. Every child makes a miniature clay model and designs his or her own car using templates and markers. At the end of the workshop we work out a profile for the new car including a name, key data and advertising slogan. In the M1 Café parents can book a birthday catering package or bring along their own food and drink.

The birthday workshop "Unusual Perspectives" offers youngsters aged 13 to 18 the opportunity to get involved in creative activities such as design and photography. Firstly there is an interactive tour to stimulate their imagination and curiosity. In the second part of the workshop, participants then work in teams to compile a record of what they have seen in photographs. They can move freely around the museum and take photographs relating to a predefined artistic theme. Birthday catering can be additionally booked at the M1 museum restaurant, or else the youngsters can bring along their own food. Your benefits at a glance:

- The program is tailored to the age of the birthday child and their guests
- Exclusive use of the BMW Junior Campus premises or the BMW Museum seminar room
- Option to book catering or bring along your own food
- There is also a small surprise for the child celebrating their birthday.


max. 15
Junior Museum approx. 2,5 hours
Junior Campus (BMW Welt) approx. 3,5 hours
by arrangement
Tel.: 089 / 1250 160 01
Monday - Sunday 150.- EUR (15 children, 2 adult escorts)
From 01 October 2016 190.- EUR


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