The future of mobility at BMW Welt.

BMW i stands for the future of mobility. Visionary vehicle concepts and mobility services, inspiring design and consistent orientation towards sustainability are redefining what we understand by individual mobility.

At BMW Welt, BMW i shows what this means in concrete form. Spread over two levels, visitors can experience just how electrifying driving pleasure will be in the future. The focus will be on the electrically powered automobiles BMW i3 an the brand new BMW i8.

The presentation explains all the main elements of BMW i: pioneering technologies such as eDrive, intelligent lightweight construction using CFRP and the use of numerous materials that are new to motor vehicles so as to achieve minimum weight, maximum range, generous space, supreme driving qualities and the very highest level of safety.

A positively electrifying test drive:
Several times a day, visitors to BMW Welt have the chance to sit in the passenger seat of a BMW i3 and experience live and first hand just what it feels like to be on the inside of this vehicle. Test drives on weekdays are in the Plaza inside the BMW Welt (on the ground floor) and no booking is required. However on Sundays, test drives take place at the Premiere, which is normally the place where customers come to pick up their vehicles. This is the only day on which visitors need to book a place at the counter. Then there is nothing to stand in the way of you climbing on board and experiencing the fascinating feel of electromobility.

Discover visionary mobility.

The BMW i presentation invites you to discover and understand all this. What does the battery look like? How is it charged, whether out and about or at home? These questions are answered by BMW i 360° Electric. At the same time, this brand presentation aims to raise awareness of new forms of individual mobility within the urban context. The first services are already in operation including DriveNow, the car sharing service run by BMW i, MINI and SIXT, and the British service ParkatmyHouse.

The philosophy of sustainability is demonstrated with materials such as CFRP and natural raw materials as well as energy-efficient production and vehicle recycling. For example a type of leather is used in the interior of the BMW i models which is treated with a tanning agent extracted from olive leaves. This may be just a small point, but it is part of a big idea.

The shapes and colours of the presentation are drawn from BMW but are subject to a distinctive interpretation - just like the automobiles themselves. The BMW i leitmotif is the colour Electric Blue, the hallmark of the brand. This glowing blue transfers the electrifying character of BMW i to the entire architecture.

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